About Princess Rissa

Hey guys,

I’m Rissa. Yes, my name is Marissa. Yes, I go by Princess Rissa.

So, I am supposed to describe myself here. The best way to describe me is that I have an angel on one shoulder and a devilish seductress on the other. I have been known to go from sweet and soft into a feisty and bitchy fem domme.

When you call me, no matter what kind of call you’re looking for, I expect to be addressed as Princess Rissa. I expect you to know what it is that you want, because I do not advertise as a psychic. If you aren’t sure, we’ll start with my angel side, and go from there. I’m not a mind reader, so you’re gonna have to pull up your big boy pants and participate. If you act like a little pussy on a call with you, you will be treated accordingly.

I love doing my girlfriend experience guys. They want my sweet side and are man enough to tell me so. I’ve always said that ever fem domme can play sub to the right man. No person is all one thing. I’m a little good, and a lot bad. I have a feeling that you might end up liking my darker side if you give it a chance.

I have a lot of cuckies, sissies, and all around bitch bois that I play with. You little fuckers know how much I love you.  I especially love my little anal sluts, you boys know my strap-on all too well. (If this sounds good to you, the reader, just ask for it.) Don’t be shy. I mean, I’ll figure you out one way or the other, but I’d prefer to spend our time on the nasty stuff, rather than a boring ass fact finding mission.

There is a third little cluster of my callers. The ones that realize that phone sex is cheaper than therapy. You guys call me just to talk about your day, and nine times out of ten, we don’t even talk dirty. I love listening to you and giving you advice. You already know that I’m here for you. That will never change.

I love every caller, and the variety of my boys makes me happy. I love that you know me well enough to understand that right here, you will have all of your phone sex needs met. I do it all, and I do it really fucking well. The question is, will I do it all for you tonight?

You already know the answer. If you’re here, then your dick is already hard or you’re in your cock cage. (If you have no idea what this is, google cb3000.) You’re already mine and I’m a possessive bitch, but I take care of my boys.

Now get your dick on the phone, right now. You do not make Princess Rissa wait.

Tick tock, boys… What’s it gonne be?


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